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DONEGAL SOCKS are the unique end product of the third generation of a family business.  We have 16 fresh new shades which mirror the beautifully wild and rugged landscape of Donegal.

Donegal Socks are comfortable, soft and machine washable.  A favourite of those who enjoy the outdoors – hill walkers, anglers, fishermen etc.  Perfect for winter months and colder climates.  A quality Donegal product that makes a well appreciated gift.

Donegal Socks are available in TWO sizes:

SMALL:  UK 4-7   EUR 37-41  US 51/2-81/2

LARGE:  UK 7-11 EUR 41-45  US 81/2-121/2

Fabric content:  80% Kilcar Wool, 20% Polyamide

Made with pride in Glenties, County Donegal.  IRELAND

Guaranteed Irish.

“Donegal Socks will be my only choice in future for trekking, climbing and reaching the summits of challenging mountains. I expect to be continually amazed and look forward to bringing them to the summit of the next 8,000m peak that I climb.”

Mark Quinn, the youngest person born in Ireland
to have reached the peak of Everest.

DONEGAL HOSIERY in situated in the picturesque town of Glenties on the North West coast of Ireland surrounded by the Bluestack mountains.

The town of Glenties is synonymous with sock and knitwear manufacture for many hundreds of years. In fact the film ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’, starring Meryl Streep and written by Brian Friel, is based on the town of Glenties, where the Mundy sisters on whom this play and film were based earned their living knitting socks for the local factories.

Today almost all the traditional skills have gone, however the Breslin family are the third generation of a family business endeavouring to hold on to the skills that their forefathers bore and continue to manufacture socks in the town of Glenties for the home and export market.

The rugged patterns of mountains and moor intertwine with hues of wild sea and blue sky in the patchwork weave of colour that is Ireland’s Donegal. Great pride is taken to keep the tradition alive in every pair we manufacture for your pleasure.


301 White, 304 Sky, 305 Pink, 306 Berry, 309 Green, 311 Strawberry, 312 Aqua, 313 Red, 315 Blue, 319 Grey, 325 Moss, 326 Wine, 327 Sage, 335 Apple, 336 Lilac, 338 Charcoal